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Northern Premier Packaging offers flexible, high-barrier packaging film for product wrappers manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We provide excellent film packing, including clear stretch wrap, compostable EVOH films, and thermoforming packaging film. Perfect for both dry food packaging and beverage applications, our flexible packaging films and laminates provide a layer of insulation that protects all of your products. We use various types of materials to formulate our laminate structure, including polyethylene, polyester, nylon, film foil laminations, and more.

Our high-barrier packaging film materials apply to lots of different markets, from pet goods and frozen food to nutritional supplements, beauty care, and cleaning products. We can work with you to customize all of your products’ specific barrier needs that promote long-term endurance and protect your inventory from outside elements, infestation, and accidents as it sits in your backstock or out on the shelf.

Various value-added features will be available upon request when it comes to supplementing your packaging with unique specifications, all tailored to your needs. We can provide a matte or gloss finish, press-to-close zippers, fitments, tear notches, laser scoring, and much more!

Thermoforming Film

Northern Premier Packaging is proud to manufacture some of the most sophisticated thermoforming films on the market today. Thermoforming functions as an excellent alternative to injection molding or rotational molding in many cases. The combined effect of our advanced tooling, custom machinery, and expertise result in quality vacuum-formed products. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why our customers go with thermoforming.

Benefits of Northern Premier Packaging Film

We specialize in creating solutions to your unique film packaging needs. Our custom film packaging offers films in various compositions, capabilities, and machine compatibility. We understand that you need films that perform on high-speed equipment and can withstand incredible amounts of pressure. With this consideration in mind, we provide both custom-printed solutions and rapid access options of pre-printed films that are available to anyone who needs an innovative and dependable packaging solution.

We are proud to offer exceptional formability, gloss, and contact clarity characteristics. Our films feature various barrier properties, including high-barrier films ideal for smoked bacon, meats, or any product that undergoes oxidation, as well as standard-barrier structures, perfect for fresh meats and cheese. But that’s not all! Our custom structures provide enhanced breathability, peelable ease, and color.


Northern Premier packaging can produce prototypes and carry out timely turnaround by coupling traditional methods with cutting-edge materials and utilizing the latest machinery to generate complex customized shapes.


Our custom-made thermoforming machines and flexible tooling design offers a competitive advantage. It also allows us to be adaptable to all of our customers’ needs, with a broader design scope, printable and colored availability, and overall fully integrated process.


Materials and processes are optimized for cost-effectiveness, while never compromising on the visually pleasing appearance or practical functionality. The weight savings for both the consumer and manufacturer help enable on-the-fly product enhancements with low additional costs.

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