Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated Boxes Utilize High-quality Recycled Materials

Custom Corrugated Boxes & Mailer Packaging

Northern Premier Packaging offers custom innovative packaging solutions for all of your business needs, printed just the way you want them. Our custom-made corrugated and packaging boxes utilize high-quality recycled materials and offer a wide variety of packaging options, matte coating, and metallic stamping. When you’re looking for cost-effective printed corrugated boxes branded with your logo and brand information, you can depend on Northern Premier Packaging to deliver, time and time again.

Our corrugated set-up boxes function as an excellent solution for packaging a wide range of confectionary items, greeting card & stationery products, games & toys, gifts, cosmetics, jewelry, and so much more. Custom corrugated boxes with logo and branding printing options are designed to protect high-value items without required tooling or added labor to assemble. Our lightweight yet sturdy boxes are ideal for a variety of end-use applications from foodstuffs to beauty products.

Custom Designed Corrugated Boxes With Your Company’s Logo

Northern Premier Packaging is an industry leader in wholesale corrugated boxes, food box printing, and printed shipping boxes — all custom-made. We emphasize reducing waste and making reliable, easy-to-handle products for the end consumer. While all of our printed corrugated boxes are appealing and convenient, we also understand the importance of our customers’ branding. We take great care in implementing logos and promotional materials on everything from our corrugated boxes to our wholesale large folding cartons. We also offer custom film packaging for products that need a sleek additional security layer, as well as cannabis packaging.

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Boxes

The experts at Northern Premier Packaging know that branding is the name of the game — and we’ll help you succeed! Since our custom corrugated boxes function as practical marketing tools, you’ll be able to reinforce your brand to your existing customers as well as soon-to-be purchasers. Don’t just settle for any packaging that puts a lid on your product; maximize the value of it with Northern Premier Packaging.

From Small Business to Large Corporation, We Think Outside the Box

Whether your organization is making sales internationally or you’re hustling to grow your modest operation, you’ll find our affordable and environmentally friendly packaging products to be excellent solutions to getting your products out into the world in style. Tell us a bit about your preferences, and we can get started manufacturing the perfect custom corrugated boxes for you.

Standard and Custom Cardboard Box Sizes

We understand that not all corrugated boxes are created equal. Whether you want to go with a classic, tried-and-true design or select unique dimensions of your packaging, our resources allow you to ship out precisely what you have in mind.

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