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Northern Premier Packaging is a nationwide leader in medical Marijuana (MMJ) packaging for cannabis products and customized dispensary supplies. Our extensive range of cannabis containers and custom marijuana packaging solutions are designed with your unique cannabis product in mind. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, and colors so your weed containers can genuinely reflect your brand and outshine your competitors.

Our marijuana packaging solutions can be custom branded to promote your company’s logo and message. As a pot packaging company, we offer custom dispensary supplies, including eye-catching cannabis containers, medical dispensary bags, pop-top bottles, glass jars, and another MMJ packaging that sets you apart from other medical marijuana products.

Marijuana Dispensing Packaging & Brand Awareness

Like any business, it’s crucial to utilize a range of marketing and advertising efforts to ensure customers find your product — even when they’re not looking for it. Here at Northern Premier, we believe in the power of packaging. With our affordable and environmentally conscious custom cannabis packaging, every product we work with will help promote your organization, tell your story, and get your logo out there! We can work with you on creating the perfect design that perfectly encapsulates what your company brings to the table, among the most valuable of which may be your visual uniqueness. We can also manufacture customized dimensions for boxes and bags.

Our Custom Cannabis Packaging Keeps Your Products Fresh

Our smell-proof containers and medical dispensary bags utilize state-of-the-art custom cannabis packaging that keeps the smell, potency, and freshness of your product preserved. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials, and each custom cannabis packaging solutions ensure that the product’s odor doesn’t escape, so you and your customers can be confident in the handling of dependable, yet discrete, containers. Our custom cannabis packaging gives you the option of not letting UV rays penetrate the product. We know that excellent herbs deserve proper storage, and with Northern Premier Packaging, we’ve got it all covered — literally!

For with an affordable, eco-friendly pot packaging company that cares about making your company’s vision come to life on your packaging, then look no further than Northern Premier Packaging. Whether you require a small order of customized mylar bags or a large number of wholesale weed containers with your logo on them, we’re proud to be your number one resource. Contact us today for information about how we can get started helping you and your company’s packaging needs!

Custom MMJ Containers

When you buy wholesale MMJ containers from us, you can rest assured that we’re here to serve you for the long term. Our large, diverse inventory of custom cannabis packaging ensures our dispensary customers receive a reliable supply of the latest child-resistant, scent-free wholesale weed containers, glass jars, and other packaging.

Unique CBD Packaging

Whether you’re a long-standing industry leader in CBD packaging looking to upgrade their packaging needs or you’re a newcomer to the booming CBD industry, Northern Premier Packaging has the resources and custom cannabis packaging products to meet your unique demand. From topical containers to dropper bottle labels, our inventory won’t just exceed your packaging needs, but will serve as a dependable promotional tool for all of your CBD products time and time again.

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